Spolecnost pro elektroakustickou hudbu
Society for Electroacoustic Music of the Czech Republic

Adress: SEAH, Jeronymova 7, 130 00 PRAHA 3

tel. 222540809, 603584218 (Dr.Dohnalova), e-mail: lenka.dohnalova@divadlo.cz, ruzickarudolf@gmail.com

President:  Rudolf Růžička
Vice-president:  Miloš Haase

Managing director:  Lenka Dohnalová

Members of the committee:  Lenka Dohnalová, Miloš Haase, Pavel Kopecký, Rudolf Růžička


SEAH, the Czech Republic's electroacoustic music society, was established in 1990 after the Revolution of 1989. SEAH, currently eighty members strong, a member of ICEM and in close contact with the ICMA, IDEAMA and IDEA organizes many activities in the promotion and diffusion of its members' electroacoustic compositions, and electroacoustic music in general. It organizes concerts throughout the entire Republic, i.e., the first night concert series of which there are about four per year, and partakes in numerous festivals including Bratislava's FEM, Bourges's Synthese, and GEM's Elektronischer Fruhling in Austria. SEAH also cooperates with other media societies, such as the Union of Czech Computer and Multimedia Artists, with whom it organizes concerts. SEAH is following the world's trend by presenting concerts in unusual venues such as planetariums, theaters and clubs. A very important activity of SEAH as part of its cooperation with Audiovisual Studio F - the electroacoustic music studio at the Czech Radio in Prague - and other studios, including those abroad, is the initiation of new electroacoustic music by its members. Members' electroacoustic music genres include pieces for tape, solo musician and ensemble and tape, live electroacoustic music, computer animation, operas, ballets, film, music for television, and music for exhibition shows and other multimedia.

SEAH's annual highlight is its international electroacoustic music composition competition, MUSICA NOVA, first in 1969. SEAH has also released its first and second CD, Czech Electroacoustic Music.

CD Czech Electroacoustic Music No.1

CD Czech Electroacoustic Music No.2