Society for Electroacoustic Music of Czech Republic

in cooperation with Czech Music Council / Arts Institute, Academy of Arts

supported by Ministry of Culture CR, Municipality of Prague



International Electroacoustic Music Competition



Rainer Bürck, Lenka Dohnalová, Juraj Ďuriš, Pavel Kopecký,
Michal Košut, Peter Nelson, Rudolf Růžička

83 pieces were considered from 28 countries

Category A
(compositions of autonomous art electroacoustic music)


First Prize

Fred Szymanski (USA) Scree


Honorary Mentions

Gilles Gobeil (Canada) Sous l´ecorce des pierres - promenade

Robert Normandeau (Canada) Tunnel Azur


Other Finalists 

Anette Vande Gorne (Belge) Haiku: Printemps
Clara Maida
(France) Ipso Lotto


Category B
(compositions for acoustic instrument/voice/ensemble & electroacoustic media)


First Prize

Hiromi Watanabe (Japan) Anamnese


Honorary Mention

James O´Callaghan (Canada/Ireland) Xeno


Other Finalists

Dennis Deovides Reyes (Philippines) Agnus Dei

Przemyslaw Scheller (Poland) Winter


Special Award for Czech Composition

Slavomír Hořínka  Rány zářící


Czech Ear/České ucho

Special award for children and young non-professional students (special protocol)

Lenka Dohnalová, director of the competition       Rudolf Růžička, chairman of jury

MUSICA NOVA 2017 / SEAH, Czech Republic

Prague, November 12, 2017